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Regional Winners


Katy Watts BA Hons (Dance) Choreographer



Katy Watts established Beat Project Dance Company in 2003 after completing her Dance B.A honours degree at Leicester DMU. Since then she has branched out and taught for Northamptonshire County Council, and led workshops for Kettering and Corby schools. Katy specialises in Street Dance, and bases Beat Project on this genre. Currently Katy teaches Beat classes around Northamptonshire and their success is growing with competition wins under their belt and places in County platforms which have an audition process, Beat is going from strength to strength.


What makes Beat Project different from other dance groups is how current the company is. Katy ensures that she uses a philosophy which is built around the dancers and that is, making sure everything is relatable to them and they feel one step a head, be that more under ground tracks, fresh merchandise and a Youtube channel offering the dancers a chance to teach mini tutorirals to the viewer.


The Company always aims to be forward thinking and this is reflected within their annual shows. Katy feels that creativity is key whether it may be designing the costumes, mixing the music and assuring that all of the separate parts of the process once combined finish with a innovative piece.


Beat Project is open to beginners and offers advanced classes so there will be a class that suits all, with a great atmophere and passion the classes are a fun place to be.

About Beat Project Dance Company